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The KPGL archive now contains the following documents.

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The Long Kalachakra Sadhana by HH Kalsang Gyamtsho, The Seventh Dalai Lama . Translated by Robert Thurman. @
Extensive sadhana, including the full Body, Speech and Mind Mandalas.

Excellent Vase of Nectar, the Mind Mandala Sadhana, Detri Rinpoche. Translated by Gelong Thubten Lodroe. @
This is a longer generation stage sadhana incorporating the Mind Mandala, which is currently being studied in detail by the group. There are also excellent commentaries by Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche, Alex Berzin, and another compiled by Rudy Harderwijk.

The Jewelled Heart Sadhana by Buton Rinchen Druppa, translated by Ed Henning, London 1999.
The group currently uses this relatively short generation stage sadhana for recitation at monthly meetings. Another translation, entitled "The Best of Jewels", is presented at the back of "The Practice of Kalacakra" by Glen Mullin.

Daily recitation for Sahaja Kalacakra
A very short recitation one page sadhana based on a one-faced, two armed version of the deity.

Sadhana and offering ritual for Sahaja Kalacakra by Jamgon Kondrul
A three page sadhana and offering ritual.

Manjushri Namasamghiti - by Ronald M. Davidson @

Six-Session Guru Yoga (short) by Ngulchu Jedrung Lozang-Tendzin
People who take the initiation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama or Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche (i.e. within the Gelugpa lineage) commit themselves to reciting the Guru Yoga six times a day. Many of us find this very short version useful as it is always possible to keep the commitment regardless of how busy your life is. You can do this practice according to Kalacakra by inserting Kalacakra and Vishvamata for the deities in the text. You can also incorporate elements from the longer sadhanas if you wish, such as mantra recitation.

Short Six-session Guru Yoga Adapted for Kalachakra by Thubten Lodroe @

The Guru Yoga of Kalachakra in Connection with the Six Sessions in Completely Facilitating Form formulated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Arranged by Kyabje Ling Rinpoche. Translated by Jeffrey Hopkins.
This is a longer version of the Six Session Guru Yoga incorporating the Kalacakra Bliss Mandala. This sadhana was used by the group until recently for recitation at monthly meetings and was the basis for Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche's teachings at Jamyang this year. The text includes helpful explanatory notes, a review of
the tantric vows, and a prayer which presents an overview of the Kalacakra path.
A commentary by Alex Berzin is also available.
In Gen Lamrimpa's recent book, "Transcending Time" is an explanation of this KalacakraSix -Session Guru Yoga. There are also other translations of this sadhana by Hermes Brandt, B.Alan Wallace and Alex Berzin.


The Stainless Light Commentary, a transcript of teachings by Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche in London, June 1996. @
Kalachakra Six-Session Guru Yoga, transcript of teachings given by Alex Berzin at Lam Rim Wales in 1986.
Post -Initiation Teachings, a transcript of teachings given by Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche in Holland during 1991.
Shri Kalachakra Sadhana Commentary, Alex Berzin, London 1986.
Introduction to Kalachakra transcript of teachings by Alex Berzin at Institut Vajra Yogini, Toulouse, France in 1985.
Six Yogas of the Completion Stage, notes from Ed Henning, London 1998.
Drawing the Mandala, notes from Ed Henning, London,1998.
Position of Members of the Mandala, notes from Ed Henning, London,1998.
Kalacakra general symbolism, notes from Ed Henning, London,1999.
Kalacakra generation process symbolism, notes from Ed Henning, London 1999.
Kalacakra Mandala symbolism, notes from Ed Henning, London 1999
Transcript of Alex Berzin's Kalacakra Practice Group Question and Answer Session, London 1999.
A Filigree Ornament for Stainless Light, clarifying the external, internal and alternative [Kalachakras] by mKhas-grub Nor-bzang rgya-mtsho, translated by Alexander Berzin (unfinished manuscript, 25p. members only).
Clarifying the External, Internal and Alternative [Kalachakras]
Phyi-nang-gzhan-gsum gsal-bar byed-pa dri-med 'od-gyi rgyan (Dolanji HP: Tibetan Bonpo Monastic Centre, 1975) by mKhas-grub Nor-bzang rgya-mtsho (1423-1513) in 1483 [Tutor of the Second Dalai Lama dGe-'dun rgya-mtsho (1476-1542)] translated by Alexander Berzin. Copy of Alex's handwritten manuscript, typed by Caitlin Collins.
(members only)
A Synopsis of The Way to Practice the Two Stages of Kalachakra
by rGyal-tshab rJe [dPal-dus-kyi-'khor-lo'i rim-pa-gnyis ji-ltar nyams-su-len-pa'i-tshul bde-ba chen-po'i lam-du myur-du 'jug-pa] Collected Works, vol. Ka. Translated and summarized by Alexander Berzin.


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