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A Long-life Prayer for the Embodiment of Chenrezik,
Perfect Guide for Samsara and Nirvana  


Sweet Dew from the Wish Fulfilling
Tree of Immortality

The nature of coemergent awareness is utterly pure
from time beyond time;
The expanse of wisdom, never departing or returning,
is present at the ground.
A vast dimension imbued with profound and clear wisdom,
You who made manifest this dharmakaya,
may you live long.

Within awareness-emptiness, perfectly pure and free of elaboration,
You are the graceful play of great bliss and emptiness in unity.
Sambhogakaya continually pervaded by the five certainties,
Vajradhara, powerful and glorious one,
may you live long.

Not moving from the space of the dharmadhatu, profound and peaceful,
This perfectly pure nirmanakaya, from beautiful clouds of emanations
Sends downa joyous rain of Dharma in three sequential stages.
Supreme guide for those above, below, and on the earth,
may you live long.

The wisdom of the natural state, primordially pure and deeply clear,
Spontaneously arises as the true forms of the vajra rainbow body.
In the expanse of the youthful vase body,
the phenomena of samsara and nirvana come to an end.
Samantabhadra, vajra of the mind,
may you live long.

In the avadhuti's expanse, great emptiness
as the total purity of the nadis,
Is the splendor of accomplishment - the chakras of life-force prana,
The letters and the superb bindu of great bliss.
Endowed with all of these supreme aspects,
may you live long.

Possessing the root of victory over the five bases
And with the five petals of the nature of the three imputed bases,
You play with the fruition that sees all phenomena as truly mind.
Wish-fulfilling tree of the timeless Madhyamika,
may you live long.

From the expanse of radiant clarity,
this pure prana mind in the avadhuti
Arises inseparable from the three kayas,
the form bodies with the major and minor marks.
Abiding in the essential nature,
which is permanent, stable and unconditioned,
On the immutable lion throne,
may you live long.

In that year on a throne like an opened flower,
for the three types of beings,
The smiling rays of moonlight nectar that is your bodhicitta
Are victorious in battle with the shadows of the dark side.
Resting in your three secrets on the Dharma throne,
may you live long.

Through the unexcelled truth bestowed by the Three Jewels
And the vast interdependence arising from the dharmata,
May the excellent aspirations I have put into words
be swiftly accomplished
And may the three worlds be beautiful in auspicious glory.


Soon after he escaped to the noble land of Dharma, while the sun wandered over a meadow of the eastern mountain, an January 14, 2000, this supplication was made one-pointedly by an ordinary Tibetan called Tendzin Kunkhyab Wangi Dorje, one fortunate to take respite in the cooling shadow of His Holiness's unexcelled bodhicitta. Mangalam.

from 'Music in the Sky' by The 17th Karmapa