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by Namgyal Monastery 

Tibet Domani, Italy, 1999, 312pp, ISBN
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Publisher Tibet Domani
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Wisdom UK: A lavishly illustrated and detailed exploration of the Kalachakra tantra by the monks from the Dalai Lama`s own monastery. Included are the history and transmission of Kalachakra from India to Tibet, the Kalachakra mandalas and deities, the initiation ceremony, Shambhala, and masters of the lineages.


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Review by : Rudy Harderwijk
Overall Rating:
How to review a completely stunning book? This book contains detailed photographs of the complete murals of the Kalachakra Temple in Dharamsala, India. These murals could be said to be authoritative for the Kalachakra Tantra (as practiced in the Gelug tradition) and depict the mandala and all its inhabitants in unprecedented detail. The only thing missing is an actual 3Dimensional mandala, but that is obviously impossible in a mural... The only reason a serious practitioner should not have this beautiful art-book may be its price, but the considerable expense is logical given the large size and the marvellous quality of print. If you can afford it, it is a 'must-have'.


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