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Latest News of the IKN
July 2006: Sad news; we heard that ven. Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche, an important Kalachakra master of our age was diagnosed with liver cancer - please see our special page on Rinpoche's health.
June 2006: Phil Lecso translated the Paramaksarajnanasiddhi; Pundarika’s commentary to the 127th verse of the Fifth Chapter of the Laghukalacakra Tantra contained in his larger commentary to the Laghukalacakra Tantra, the Vimalaprabha, from the Italian translation by Raniero Gnoli. For registered Members only
April 2006: Phil Lecso translated the The Sekoddessatippani and A Description of the Six-fold Yoga as Found in
the Laghutantratika
from the Italian book “La Rivelazione del Buddha: Vol II. Il Grande Veicolo”, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Mialno, Italy 2004. These are two important commentaries on the Sekodessa.
February 2006: Zoran Stovilojic translated the Long Life prayer for His Holiness the Dalai Lama as a start of our new Serbian resource page.
January 2006: Kalachakra initiation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, quite a few of us met, and we finally established proper contacts with the Jonangpa lineage.
November 10, 2005: Introduction of Lithuanian resource pages, thank you Algirdas Kugevicius & Sigita.
November 5, 2005: Introduced a new semi-automated registration system on the IKN website for access to restricted materials. We have tried to incorporate the advice that His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave us in June. Members will now have access to materials previously restricted to "Practitioners" also.
August 2005: His Holiness the Dalai Lama has offered to give Kalachakra teachings! Jhado Rinpoche has made the request in the name of the IKN. We do not know where or when yet, but we will be trying to fundraise for these teachings.
August 5, 2005: Added four revised short sadhanas, translated/edited by Gavin Kilty, ©2005 Northern Shambhala Kalacakra Tantra Archive and Studies, Italy: These practices should be done only by people who received the very specific initiations:
The Sadhana of Innate Kalachakra
, by Penchen Lama Tenphel Nyima
The Sadhana of Vajravega, the King of Wrath
, by Penchen Lama Tenphel Nyima
  The Sadhana of White Vishvamata, by Penchen Lama Tenphel Nyima
The Sadhana of multi-coloured Garuda, by Mongolian monk Lhatsun Jamphel Thinley
For registered Members only
July 2005: Gavin Kilty completed his translation for the IKN of Detri Rinpoche's Commentary to Kalachakra Generation and Completion Stage (from Volume 1- Ka) and the full Body, Speech and Mind Sadhana by the 5th Dalai Lama, as was recommended by Jhado Rinpoche in Italy in 2003. This was an IKN project; many thanks to all the generous donors who contributed to this project! For registered Members only
17 July 2005: Phil Lecso completed his translation of the Sekodessa, an important but difficult text related to Kalachakra. For registered Members only
29 June 2005: We were informed of the formation of a new Kalachakra Practice Group in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
22 June 2005: Added a revised version of the Kalachakra Tsog in Russian. For registered Members only
6 June 2005: Following very extensive discussions between members of our Advisory Team regarding the protection of Kalachakra texts on the Internet, with the kind help of Michael Mueller, the IKN managed to have a brief interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We are now working to translate his advice into modified rules for access of the various materials available on the website.
3 March 2005: Added Jewelled Heart, from: dpal dus kyi 'khor lo'i sgrub thabs bsdus pa rin po che'i snying po, by bu ston rin chen grub. Translated by Edward Henning, February 2005. For registered Members only
End of Februari 2005: Revised editions of the Polish and Russian of the Kalachakra Tsog For registered Members only
14 February 2005: Added Buton Rinpoche's Mind Mandala Sadhana, tranlsated into Russian from the English (Glenn Mullin) by Alexander Kuznetsov. For registered Members only
10 February 2005: Due to some misunderstandings we were forced to take the teachings of Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche in Russia offline (from 6th February). Apparently, Rinpoche has not given permission to people who were not present during the teachings, sorry.
9 February 2005: Added Kalachakra 6 Session Guru Yoga and Kalachakra Tsog practice in Russian thanks to Alexander Kuznetsov, and Kalachakra Tsog in Polish, translated from the English by Barbara Kropiwnicka. For registered Members only
6 February 2005: We added the first Audio files to the IKN website: in Russian, Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche's teachings on Lojong (public) and Kalachakra (Members only) in St. Petersburg 2004. (We hope to make the English translation available via LamRim Radio later on.)
15 January 2005: Added revised and partaially re-translated Chapter Three of The Vajra Sunshiner, by Lama Mipham. Partially translated, edited and annotated by Phillip Lecso. This text is for registered Members on request only .
15 January 2005: Added A Compendium of the Trainings of Secret Mantra, by the Abbot Phenre Depa (Panglung Rinpoche), an extensive explanation of the tantric vows and pledges. This text is for registered Members only.
18 December 2004: Added a new section in the Members Area, the Kalachakra Encyclopedia, in short, the Kalachakrapedia. Here Members are able to contribute to the gradual build-up of a Kalachakra knowledge base, they can edit these webpages!
18 December 2004: A modest Russian Resources page was added to the website.
18 December 2004: A new page in the Members Area was introduced which summarises some Advice to Kalachakra Practice Groups.
End November 2004: Ngakwang Delek Rabji Rinpoche gives a Special Kalachakra Empowerment and teachings on the middle way of "Other emptiness", at Dorje Ling Buddhist Centers in Atlanta and New York. See their announcement here. Contacts: Lori Kuster at 770-270-0927 or Catharine Foley at 770- 979-0005.
4 Nov 2004: New Book available: 'Kalacakratantra: The Chapter On The Individual Together With The Vimalaprabha'.
by Vesna A. Wallace, Robert A.F. Thurman, Thomas F. Yarnall. It contains the translation of the Second Chapter of the Kalachkratantra and the Vimalaprabha.
31 Oct 2004: A Kalachakra Practice Group will start meeting monthly in New York City from January onwards; do have a look at their page
31 Oct 2004: Available on other websites:
Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche's teachings on 'The Tantric Grounds and Paths based on Kalachakra' can now be heard on FPMT Radio . These are his teachings of September 2004 at Land of Medicine Buddha, USA.
In comparison, Rinpoche's teachings on the Tantric Grounds and Paths according to Guhyasamaya is available on Lamrim Radio http://www.lamrim.org/kirtitsenshab/tantricgrounds.html.

Rinpoche's Kalachakra Jenang at Orlando 2004 can be seen at Lamrim TV. It must be realised though, that this is still an experimental site at the moment - a first trial of Roy Harvey from Lamrim Radio to do online video.
14 Oct 2004: Preliminary Teachings to the Kalachakra Initiation on: The Middle Stages of Meditation (by Acharya Kamalashila), The 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas (by Ngulchu Thogme Zangpo) and The Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment (by Lama Atisha Dipamkarashrijnana)
by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Graz, Austria October 15-17,2002. Made available with the kind permission of Shedrup Ling. They also have the audio and video tapes of the entire event for sale.
14 Oct 2004: Kalachakra Initiation for World Peace Graz 2002, Kalachakra Initiation October 19-21, 2002, by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Made available with the kind permission of Shedrup Ling. They also have the audio and video tapes of the entire event for sale. This text is available for registered Members only.
1 Oct 2004: Teachings on Kalachakra Guru Yoga, by Ven. Kyabje Serkong Rinpoche, Deer Park July 1982. Translated by Alexander Berzin, transcript Phillip Lecso. Through generous donations, this work could be sponsored by the IKN. This text is available for registered Members only.
1 Oct 2004: Integrating With the Sublime Teacher Kalachakra, An Excellent Vase of Demon-defying Nectars of Devoid-form, by Panchen Lama III, dPal-ldan Ye-shes, Translated by Alexander Berzin. This version contains Sanskrit diacritics. Made available with the kind permission of www.berzinarchives.com. Note: this is NOT a 6-session Yoga, but a Kalachakra Guru Yoga. This text is available for registered Members only.
25 Sep 2004: In case you live anywhere near Oklahoma City MA in the USA, you may be interested in joining Ron Loving in starting a Kalachakra Practice Group, his email address is obiwan4@cox.net .
22 Sep 2004: (Abbreviated) Method for Actualizing the Complete Mandala of Enlightening Body, Speech and Mind of an All-Around Perfect Kalacakra: A Source for the Demon-defying Nectars of Actual Attainments, by Panchen Lama III, dPal-ldan ye-shes. Translation Alexander Berzin. Note: the diacritics are made by Phil Lecso in the Times CSX+ font, which you can download as a Zip file. Made available with the kind permission of www.berzinarchives.com. This text is available for registered Members only.
20 Sep 2004: Some people are trying to organise a Kalachakra Practice Group in Boston MA, USA; if you are interested, the contact person is: Linda Merle
18 Sep 2004: A Commentary on the Namasamgiti, by His Holiness, the XIVth Dalai Lama, translated by Geshe Lhagdor, Dharamsala, India 1988. Transcript by Phil Lecso. This text is available for registered Members only.
13 Sep 2004: An edited PDF version of Illuminating the Essence, a long Kalachakra Sadhana by Mipham. Philip Lecso did further editing and added Sanskrit diacrtitics. Note: this is still a work in progress and by no means a finally edited and checked version. This text is available for registered Members only.
13 Sep 2004: A Collection of Kalachakra sadhanas translated by Alex Berzin is now available formatted into one PDF document by Boris Unterer. Work is under way to include the proper diacritics for the Sanskrit mantras and syllables. This text is available for registered Members only.
In order to improve communications, we now also have an Online Chatroom on this website.
Gavin Kilty's translation "Ornament of Stainless Light" is now available - a magnificent book! Also, with your donations, we could request him to begin translation on Detri Rinpoche's Kalchakra Commentary.
As a gift for Saka Dawa 2004, you can now download our special Kalachakra Screensaver for free! It is suitable for Windows only.

After the Kalachakra Initiation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Toronto, May 2004, several new Kalachakra Practice Groups are emerging in the USA and Canada:


In Oakville, near Toronto:
a Kalachakra Six-Session Yoga practice goup meeting once a month starting June 9th at 7:30pm.
In June it will be at 2263 Marine Dr. #1507, Oakville, phone: 905 465 1505.
Contact: Dekyi Lee Oldershaw

Montreal has TWO new groups:

Centre Bouddhiste Manjushri
705 chemin Chambly, Longueuil

Every Wednesday evening from 19h30 to 21h30.
Sadhana practice followed by a discussion period.
The sadhana practice is in Tibetan with written translation in French and English provided.
The discussion period is in French and English. Resident Gelugpa monks are available to provide guidance.
Contact: Catherine Moore

Centre Rigpe Dorje
5145 boulevard Decarie, Montreal

The first Tuesday of every month from 19h30 to 21h30.
The sadhana practice is in French and English.
Contact: Catherine Moore


At Namgyal Monastery, Ithaca, NY: a Kalachakra practice group met the first time on June 5th.
Contact: Joy Paulson

Somewhere in or near New York City, to start in October 2004.
Contact: Suzette Sampierre

In Washington DC, to start in the near future.
Contact: Kirt Undercoffer

Some people are trying to organise a Kalachakra Practice Group in Boston MA, USA;
Contact: Linda Merle
Kalachakra Mantra and Mudra, in reference to the 6 session Guru Yoga, performed by Jhado Tulku, available on VHS cassette from Shri Dhanyakataka in Italy

The first IKN Translation Project has been completed!
Ven. Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche taught on the Kalachakra Tsog Offering.
This commentary and a revised translation of the Tsog practice is now freely available to Members thanks to the generosity of our members.

The IKN is planning quite a number of projects:

- Detri Rinpoche's Kalachakra commentary into English - your donations enabled us to let Gavin Kilty start with the translation
- Fire Puja text and commentary
Other Projects:
- Setting up a Kalachakra Archive of rare texts of all lineages
- Developing a consistent vocabulary and format for Kalachakra texts
- Editing existing sadhanas for consistent vocabulary and easy recitation
- Assisting the translation of a general book from His Holiness the Dalai Lama into Vietnamese - as an offering to him.

For more details, see our Wish List.

Great pictures of the Kalachakra initiation January 2003 in Bodhgaya on David Ducoin's website.
11.06.2004: All long-life prayers available in English are now also available in Polish by Barbara Kropiwnicka.
6.06.2004: A Detailed Outline of the Kalachakra Empowerment (Restricted area for Members) was added as an aid to the study of the initiation, and possibly a guide during the initiation.
26.05.2004: A collection of Long Life Prayers of famous Kalachakra Masters was added to the English Resources.
20.4.2004: An Italian and Dutch resource section are introduced, and Anh Ho has translated various Six Session Practices and Bodhisattva and Tantric Vows into Vietnamese. Phil Lecso prepared an extensive transcript of Alex Berzin Answering Questions with the Kalachakra Practice Group London, 10 January 1999 (Restricted area for Members). We moved to a new web host, so a few things may appear slightly different. We now have much needed extra storage space and more possibilities for future services like audio downloads and interactive services like on-line chat.

9.3.2004: Study Guide to the Namasamgiti, With Reference to the Vimalaprabha, edited and tabulated by Phillip Lecso


Please do inform us if you know of any other recent Kalachakra activities and resources, so we can share them with others.


The IKN has requested Gavin Kilty to start translating Detri Rinpoche's Commentary to Kalachakra Generation and Completion Stage (from Volume 1- Ka) as was recommended by Jhado Rinpoche in Italy in 2003. Planned completion: mid 2005 - finished!

The Italian SDK is working on an extensive commentary on the Kalachakra Generation and Completion Stage Practice, under the guidance of ven. Jhado Rinpoche.

The website with Alex Berzin's Archives is continuously expanding to house considerably more of his teachings, teaching notes and translations, it now contains all his popular books published by Snowlion, like Taking the Kalachakra Initiation for free downloading. He is also working on his extensive notes from teachings by Serkong Rinpoche on Kalachakra - see also our Wish-list Page.

Vesna Wallace plans to translate (into English) the last untranslated part of the Vimalaprabha - the most important commentary on Kalachakra.

Robert Thurman hopes to translate the self-initiation of Kalachakra after his retirement.