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We have three online Discussion Fora:
- The Open Forum one is for everyone interested,
- The Initiates Forum is only for people who have taken the Kalachakra initiation including all commitments, and have registered with us.
- The Language Study Forum is intended for members only to study Sanskrit and Tibetan


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Group Home Page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kalachakranet.
Members can send emails to: kalachakranet@yahoogroups.com


You can join us in three steps:

1. Click here to register as Initiate via an email to us (if you have not already done that before).
2. Then click here to REGISTER with Yahoo to obtain an Yahoo!ID, unless you already have one.
In that process, Yahoo will verify your email address.
3. Next, click here to sign in / join our group at the Yahoo Group Home Page.
At Yahoo you can use a password of your choice, but please register the same email address as for registration with us.

Yahoo will confirm your access by return email as soon as possible.

Sorry if this is a bit complicated, but we need to create an environment where members can talk freely about the Kalachakra tantra without the risk of breaking vows of secrecy.

In case of problems, please contact the webmaster.

Group Homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ikn-initiates
Members can send emails to: ikn-initiates@yahoogroups.com
For members, but non-members may be allowed to join

IKN language study forum is established to discuss the contextual meaning of terms found in the Buddhist texts, to learn etymology of Dharma terms, and deepen our understanding of Dharma language - both in Sanskrit and Tibetan.
It has been established as a part of International Kalachakra Network to give a platform for its members to share with vajra-friends their experience and knowledge within the field of the linguistic studies of classical Buddhist texts.

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Group Home Page: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/ikn-language-study/.
Members can send emails to: ikn-language-study@yahoogroups.co.uk

In case of problems, please contact the webmaster.