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List of Kalachakra-related publications by Giacomella Orofino 


Naropa, Iniziazione Kalachakra, Raniero Gnoli e Giacomella Orofino - Adelphi Edizioni, 1994. (Testi di approfondimento) (Integral translation of the Sekodesa by Naropa, and notes from the Vimalaprabha.)

Sekoddesa, a critical edition of the Tibetan translations, by Giacomella Orofino with an appendix by Raniero Gnoli on the Sanskrit Text. Tibetan texts edited on the basis of all the Kanjur editions, with a thorough historical introduction in English and an appendix with a reconstructed Sanskrit text, S.O.R. LVII, Is. M.E.O, 1994, Roma, 151 pp. This book is available at the Herder International bookshop.


Orofino G., "Mirror Divination. Observations on a Simile Found in the Kālacakra Literature", Proceedings of the 6th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, Fagerness, 1992, The Institute for Comparative Research in Human Studies, Oslo, 1994, pp. 612-628.

Orofino G.,"On the Śadangayoga and the Realisation of Ultimate Gnosis in the Kālacakratantra", East and West, 46,1996 Is.IAO Rome.

Orofino G., 1997, "Apropos of Some Foreign Elements in the Kālacakratantra", in E. Steinkellner, H. Tauscher, M. T. Much, H. Krasser (eds.) Tibetan Studies, Proceedings of the 7th Seminar of the International Association of Tibetan Studies, Seggau, 1995, 2 vols, Wien, Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, pp.717-724.